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Individual medical and technical lectures are available as listed below. Remember; however, that I have training in both Internal Medicine as well as Psychiatry, so feel free to be creative by requesting a particular topic if you do not see it listed here (i.e., Pathophysiology of CHF, Delirium in the ICU, etc.).

Lectures listed on this page are approximately 40-55 min. in length (with time for questions), but can be modified to suit any audience or venue requirement (such as a "round-table" or luncheon discussion). They can also be "expanded" to encompass a 1/2 or full-day program. All have been given either for general interest, or under CME/CE format guidelines:


* Advanced Pain Management

* Hypertension: A stepwise approach to managing a complex disease

* Managing Diabetes in the Outpatient Setting

* The "Syndrome X"

* Integrative Medical Care: A New Treatment Model

* Human Immunology: Understanding the Basics

* Mental Health Issues in the Elderly -- Suicide

* Psychiatric Emergencies: Recognition and Management

* Postpartum Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment

* Women’s Health: A Discussion for Primary Care

* Managing Treatment Resistant Depression

* PMS and How to Beat it. Menopause and How to Treat it

* The Polysomatic Mystery Patient

* Palliative Care and Well-Being

* Identifying Factitious Illness and Malingering

* Neurophysiology of Pain and Behavioral Pathways

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Somatization Disorder

* Managing Fibromyalgia in Primary Care

* Basic Hematology

* Drug Abuse in the Work Place: Identification & Management

* Spasticity and Implantable Pain Devices

* Alternative and Integrative Medicine

* Basic Endocrinology

* Effective Treatment of Osteoporosis in Primary care

* Depression, Anxiety and treatment Resistance: A Stepwise Approach

* Sleep, Dreams and Memory

* Chronic Pain Management in Primary Care

* The Spectrum of Migraine and its Management

* Understanding the Dyslipidemias

* Pain Management: New Treatment Options

* Personality Disorders: Identification & Management

* Polysubstance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis

* Perioperative Pain Management

* Practice Matters: The Medicare Sanction

* Practice Matters: The Pain Management "Contract"

* Monoamine "Combination" Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

* Pain and Personalities

* Stress Management in the Workplace and Home

* Controlled Substances for Symptom Management: Critical Considerations

* Addressing the Quality of Life: Depression and Sexual Function

* Viral Hepatidities: Managing the Silent Monster

* Brief Effective Psychotherapy in Primary Care

* Effectively Treating the Complex Psychiatric Patient

* Depression, PTSD and Psychosis: Overlapping Treatment Challenges

* Management of the Herpes Viral Entities

* Cancer and HIV-Related Pain Management

* "Street Drugs" and Drugs of Abuse

* HIV Pain Syndromes: Diagnosis and Treatment

* The Four Ds: Delirium, Depression, Dementia and Despair

* Managing Difficult Patient Behaviors Effectively

* Obesity: Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges

Please keep in mind that all presentations I provide customarily contain both technical, as well as information of an "historical interest." I believe that integrating materials of this nature -- when appropriate -- creates an educational environment that is both enjoyable and conducive to learning. It also has a better likelihood of fostering both an optimal retention of information, as well as the development of a sound and flexible knowledge base.

Most of these lectures have been sponsored at one time or another through pharmaceutical honoraria or educational grants from the following companies I have been a Speaker's Bureau Member of:

* Bristol-Meyers Squibb
* Cephalon
* Boehringer-Ingelheim
* Forest Pharmaceuticals
* GlaxoSmithKline
* Janssen
* Knoll Pharmaceuticals
* Merck
* Organon
* Ortho-McNeil
* Parke Davis
* Pfizer
* Purdue Frederick
* Roche
* Searle
* Schering
* Wyeth

If you would like more information on the content of any of the above lectures, or would like to schedule one, kindly contact me directly through the following email address: Please note that Audience Response technology (i.e., keypads) are available for all lectures on this page, as well as other seminar listings when feasible.


Presentations in this section are designed to address a particular interest as well as evoke creative thought. They are approximately 40-55 min. in length, but can be modified to suit any audience or venue requirement.

Please note these can be given as "free standing" talks, or integrated into other material as needed.

Multimedia and/or Audience Response technology (i.e., keypads) are available depending upon the needs of the audience, as well as the technical capabilities of the presentation site.


Mozart by Barbara Krafft
Oil c1819


Stories of extraordinary and creative genius throughout history, with notes on contemporary psychological and neuroanatomical exploration.

This seminar is based on a tour of the lives of several exemplar individuals, along with representative examples of their work. Speculation on the origins of human creativity is also discussed.

Please note that individual biographies can also be requested as solo presentations (i.e., Da Vinci).

Program available by special request


Syrah Grapes
"On the vine"
Napa - California


A wine lover's delight from vineyard to table. This introduction to wine covers all major aspects of the art including its history, cultivation, growing regions, production and more. A unique winery is highlighted.

An event can be arranged to center around a food and/or dessert "pairing" with varietals that are only available at a particular vineyard.

Program available by special request


16c Woodcut
Bettmann Archives


The beauty and romance of many "wonders" are presented. Topics vary, and range from astronomy to an exploration of the world's most beautiful places -- all with an eye for subjects that evoke stimulating conversation. The history of medicine dovetails nicely with this tour, and can also be included if desired.

A real treat for those with an inquisitive mind and adventuresome heart.

Program available by special request